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I specialize in providing precise astrological readings and I provide three types of consultations. Prices will depend on each type of consultation required.

1. A brief consultation, in which you can ask one or two questions.

2. An ordinary consultation, in which you do not need to ask anything in particular, as I will address all your queries in a variety of short responses. I will also advise you about Vedic mantra to resolve your personal issues.

3. A more detailed consultation, in which I will make predictions for you. I will make these predictions after carefully studying your horoscope. I will also advise you about Vedic rituals, to help fix your problems and bring the desired results.

For an accurate brief palm reading, costs start at £120. During a brief palm reading, I will study your palm in great detail and advise you on how to resolve any problem and find success in your life bringing both prosperity and happiness.

NO! Never! I only specialise in providing a bespoke Vedic spiritual ritual, according to your individual needs. I do not dabble in Black Magic, Curses and Voodoo, and I use only ancient Vedic astrology and powerful Vedic mantras. My unique work does not affect your natural aura or bring about any bad karma.

I have been actively working as a professional Indian astrologer, palm reader and spiritual healer for more than 30 years. I originally came to the UK as the guest of British Airways in 1995.

I specialise in resolving relationships issues, especially with helping to get ex-partners back by using powerful five thousand old verdict mantras. I have already helped many thousands of my clients, by using Vedic Astrology, Palmistry, and Face Reading by using powerful ancient mantras. When I practice using these Vedic mantras to heal relationship rifts, there is almost always a very positive response.

Unfortunately no. Nobody can really make that type of guarantee because everyone’s circumstances are so different. It’s impossible to be 100% correct or accurate. My success rate is very high though and it is usually around 60%-70%, which is much higher than average. I have many happy clients who will testify to my success.

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