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Whenever you see or hear the word Guruji do you really know what it means? In Hinduism, Sikhism and Jainism the meaning of the word “guru” is very similar in that it refers to a religious teacher or leader. It applies to one giving personal spiritual guidance to his disciples or followers. Sometimes and especially those involved in Vedic Astrology and Psychic Healing will call themselves “Guruji”, when they have not really earned the respect of others or become entitled to use this term. The “ji” part is referred to as a respectful way of addressing the guru, much like you would call a man from the west “sir” or a woman “madam”.

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When people who have not yet attained the right to be addressed as Guruji, and then go onto actually use this as their name it can become very confusing for people who are seeking the services of a genuine Guruji Astrologer or Psychic. And if this applies to you then you just need to check a few things to be absolutely sure you are dealing with an honest and legitimate person.


In the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, India, Saudia Arabia and most of Europe the one genuine astrologer and Psychic who is always referred to as Guruji is Pandit Shashi Bhushan. The word “Pandit” means a Hindu scholar learned in Sanskrit and the Hindu philosophy and religion. Guruji is a world renowned Astrologer, Love Psychic, Psychic Healer, Face Reader, Palmist, Spiritualist and Clairvoyant who is trusted and highly respected.

Guruji has many tens of thousands of dedicated clients from all over the world who regularly consult him about issues concerning their private and business lives. He has even been consulted by people in high office including many politicians. He has clients who are well-known movie stars, sports stars, TV celebrities and many more. The work of Guruji is well documented and has spread far and wide. He has been a practicing Astrologer and Psychic since he was a boy and inherited his abilities from his father who was himself a Psychic Healer.

Guruji was the guest of British Airways and he did a road show at Heathrow, Glasgow, Newcastle and Manchester Airports. His road show was considered a roaring success by all who attended and this helped to raise his profile still further. He has also had slots on his local radio show in Birmingham, UK, where he now lives with his family. He has a consultancy in South London and an office in his birth city of Delhi, India.


He is very easy to find on the internet and has several websites including,,, and plus many others. He has a well established social presence on Facebook and Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, Stumbleupon and can be found via his many videos on Youtube. He can be contacted by landline, mobile phone, email and Skype.


Guruji is very experienced in Astrology and in producing personal Horoscope Readings. He is a well known Love Psychic with extraordinary abilities in helping people to get back with their ex partners. He also removes Black Magic spells and curses restoring peace and harmony to people’s lives.


There is no mistaking the genuine Astrologer and Love Psychic Guruji so to be sure you are consulting the honest and trustworthy man himself, simply call him today on +44 (0) 7714 20 94 94 or on Skype Id Gurujee1


Rahu Shani Temple, Birmingham, United Kingdom

  • Rahu Shani Temple, Birmingham, United KingdomRahu Shani Temple at Birmingham, United Kingdom. Rahu Shani Temple at Birmingham, United Kingdom.
  • Rahu Shani Temple at Birmingham, United Kingdom. Rahu Shani Temple at Birmingham, United Kingdom. Rahu Shani Temple at Birmingham, United Kingdom.
  • Rahu Shani Temple at Birmingham, United Kingdom. Rahu Shani Temple at Birmingham, United Kingdom.

“Good Luck Guruji Astrologer”

“Good Luck Guruji Astrologer”Some people believe in luck, some believe in fate and some people don’t believe in either. Luck is something you cannot see or touch but it does exist. We know this because some people have been blessed with luck. There has been many a time when all had seemed lost, when suddenly luck played a hand and everything worked out okay.
It is said certain people are lucky and can bring luck to others. This has been said often about Guruji Astrologer. Many of his clients has stated that whenever they meet or talk with Guruji, their luck has changed for the better. Guruji Astrologer is the bringer of good luck. Now people are calling him “Good Luck Guruji Astrologer”.

Hindu Religion Temple Appeal

Hinduism is a religion, or a way of life and some practitioners and scholars refer to it as Sanatana Dharma.

Hinduism is the world’s third Largest Religion with over one billion followers or 15% of the global population.

Vedic Astrologer And Mantras Specialist Guruji would like to invite all fellow Prospective Clients to join him in both spreading the Hindu word of love and peace, and in promoting the Hindu religion. To that effect Astro Guruji would like to build a new Hindu temple. The temple would become a community hub for all Hindus and others, and for holding spiritual ceremonies of marriage, Astrology Vedic NavGraha Poojas and prayers.

In order to make this intention a reality, Astro Guruji will accept donations and pledges from all interested parties.

Please contact Guruji Astrologer And Mantras Specialist for further information.

Telephone : +44 (0) 7714 20 9494
Office: 36A Birmingham Road, Great Barr, Birmingham B43 6NS

How To Ensure You Are Consulting A Genuine Astrologer, Palmist, Love Psychic & Spiritual Healer

There are many genuine psychics, astrologer or spiritual healer but unfortunately for the inexperienced and the unsuspecting, there are also many frauds and totally dishonest people who simply pretend to possess the necessary psychic powers.


These people are charlatans, fakes, impostors and con artists whose only ambition is to relieve you of your hard-earned money. They don’t know anything about psychic healing, astrology, palm reading or face reading but will have you believe that they know it all.

It is advisable to know what to look out for if you suspect the psychic you have consulted is a fake, and the first thing is age and experience. Wisdom comes with age as does experience, so if the person sitting in front of you or on the other end of the telephone is a little tender in years, then this may well be cause for concern.

Other things to look out for include the scams. The most common is the curse scam. This is when a psychic offers you a free reading and then tells you that you have been cursed. They then offer to remove the curse for a fee. They are simply playing on what is known as the fear factor.If a psychic tries this one then don’t fall for it. Don’t be taken in by his or her scaremongering. Just take it in your stride and then forget about it. Don’t ever part with money in this way.


Another thing to look out for is when a psychic asks too many questions. Sometimes a psychic will ask so many questions that it will become inevitable for them to know much about you and your life history. They will then begin to tell you things that you already know because they have coaxed the information out of you. This is known as a cold reading.

A true and genuine psychic will not do this. They will use their powers to tell you things you don’t know, and then advise how best to deal with these events and issues. That’s the whole purpose of consulting a psychic in the first place.


Some psychics who are a little less honest than they should be might even try to sell you things that you don’t really need. This could be anything from incense to lotions and amulets to lucky charms. They will tell you that these items will ward off evil and protect you but in reality it is just a scam.

Don’t be taken in. It is obvious they are just out to make money from you and don’t really have your welfare at heart.

The most common scam is the hotline. It’s much easier for phoney psychics to con you if you cannot see them face to face. These “hotlines” are usually premium rate phone lines, which means the scammer will make money the longer they keep you on the line. They will tell you all kinds of things to keep you talking and listening.


The only time you will realise how much this has actually cost you is when you get your next phone bill. It’s always best to completely avoid any premium rate hotlines. Although it is true that some genuine psychics can conduct a reading over the phone you do need to be sure who you are talking to.

There are several other scams to be aware of, which can have an improbable and highly unlikely result. For example, if a psychic says they can predict big wins like the lottery or on any other forms of gambling, it’s an obvious scam. If they could do this they would do it for themselves.

A genuine psychic will have a good reputation, he will have many followers, plus he will have many years of experience and will very likely have inherited the gift of psychic powers from his father and perhaps even his grandfather before him. Seek out a Love psychic who does not hide his fees and is upfront and honest about what to expect from a reading.

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